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Juche Tower at night

Juche Tower is a monument in Pyongyang, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, dedicated to the national ideology of the state, Juche or "Self-Reliance". Standing at a height of 556ft/170m[1], the tower is situated on the bank of the Taedong River, opposite Kim Il-Sung Square and the Grand People's Study House.

Built in 1982 in celebration of the 70th birthday of Kim Il-Sung[2], the tower is constructed in a design similar to that of the Washington Monument in the United States and was consequentially, made deliberately taller.

On North Korea tours, visitors are able to Visit the tower and go inside it. There is a lift which takes visitors to a viewing platform at the top of the tower, which allows them to gaze upon all Pyongyang[3]. In the foyer, there are "friendship plaques" dedicated to the ideology from Socialist movements all over the world, to demonstrate its alleged popularity.

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