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The Koryo hotel in 2015

The Koryo Hotel is a hotel in Pyongyang, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and is the 2nd largest operating hotel in the country, boasting a unique twin tower structure and design. A secondary destination to the more established Yanggakdo international hotel, the Koryo hotel is based in the city centre 5 minutes away from Pyongang Railway Station.

The name "Koryo" is derived from a Medieval dynasty of the country of the same name.


The hotel is about 3 stars by western standards. Rooms are well equipped and comfortable, with a television airing western channels and in contrast to the Yanggakdo they even have a mini-bar.

Facilities include a several gift shops, severeal restaurants, a gym, a swimming pool, like the Yanggakdo a revolving restaurant, a circular bar on the 44th floor, and two cinemas. There is a coffee shop on the ground floor. The hotel also features a billiards room on the second floor and again parralel to the Yanggakdo, a casino in the basement operated by a Chinese company. The casino offers blackjack, roulette, and slot machines.

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