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A group photo at the Mansu grand hill monument, a standard feature of North Korean trips.

The Mansu Grand Hill Monument is one of the most iconic and photographed sites in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, most notable for the gigantic bronze statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong Il situated at the top of the hill, as well as monuments to the Korean People's Army and the struggle against Japan.

The monument was first constructed in April 1972 to celebrate the 60th birthday of Kim Il-Sung. After the death of Kim Jong Il, the second statue was erected. All travellers to North Korea will visit the Mansu Grand Hill Monument, with it usually being the first destination on most itineraries immediately after arrival in Pyongyang. Visitors will be made to bow to the statues, with the option of buying and placing flowers on them. When photographing the statues, visitors must ensure they capture both full figures in the camera, with cutting limbs off a taboo for the North Koreans.

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