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The Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities is a museum and complex located in Sinchon County the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. As the name suggests, it is a museum narrating allegations of an American massacre of North Korean citizens during their occupation of the county during the Korean War. The museum is largely regarded as propaganda by visitors with little concrete evidence provided that such a massacre actually occurred.

The Museum was rebuilt in 2015 with a much more modernized design, moving to a site adjacent to the old one. It is not normally included in the standard North Korean tour packages and must be requested or arranged prior.


The Museum's content...

The Museum is famous for its intentionally graphic depictions of violence against North Korean citizens by American soldiers, often to the point it is regarded hysterical. This includes blood red lighting, graphic artwork features depicting torture and mutiliation, recorded screams of children, models of human bones and skeletons scattered and painted blood stains.

At the end of the museum, guests are offered the opportunity to sign a "guest book" and state their feelings about what they say.

graphic propaganda depicting the massacre

Historical accuracy[]

The Historical accuracy of the Sinchon Massacre is unknown and not proven at best. Although the museum claims it has "evidence" of the U.S doing so and claims it "uncovered corpses" this is highly questionable and obviously not verifiable. It is therefore assumed the museum serves little more than propaganda based purposes

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