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The Museum in 2016.

The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum is a Museum in Pyongyang, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea commemorating the Korean War and narrating the state's official narrative of events[1]. The War is depicted in the museum as a nationalist struggle against American Imperialists who sought to occupy the entire peninsula with their "puppet regime" in South Korea[2][3]. Inside the building, tourists are not permitted to take photos.[4]


A display on the outside of the museum hosts an enormous amount of captured military hardware from countries who battled the North Korean regime in the war, including the United States and the United Kingdom. This includes a range of tanks, planes and helicopters.

Monument to North Korean soldiers outside of the museum

Inside the museum, where visitors are not permitted to take photos, the interior is somewhat palace like, the foyer containing a grand staircase and a giant waxwork replica of Kim Il-Sung wearing military uniform. The various rooms of the museum tell the Korean War story through the North Korean narrative, depicting events, battles and life during the war. This includes an exhibtion of "who started the Korean War" and the alleged Sinchon Massacre attributed to the U.S.

On the older side of the museum, there is a massive 360 panorama painting depicting the Battle of Taejon[5], with guests standing in the middle on a rotating platform[6]

U.S.S. Pueblo[]

Outside of the museum is stationed the U.S.S. Pueblo a captured U.S Navy intelligence vessel which was seized by North Korea in 1968[7]. The only of its kind ever captured, the ship is effectively a trophy on display and visitors are taken inside to tour it.


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