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Visit North Korea is a tourism and international relations project which promotes travel to, awareness of and engagement with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or best known as North Korea [1]. Founded in 2015, the organization has strived to provide travel, tours, cooperation, partnerships and information on the country.

The organization occupies a politically neutral ground, not endorsing the DPRK government or its opponent states political agendas and stances. Nonetheless, it promotes an overarching strategy of engagement with the DPRK, using understanding, objectivity and dialogue with the DPRK as a primary means to achieving progress above confrontation, sanctions and threats.


Visit North Korea's primary purpose is to promote travel to North Korea both online and on the ground. To do this, it operates a main website, this wikia and a number of social media accounts in which they make fellow kids memes, it likewise hosts its own travel guide and advice for the country. As well as promoting tourism and travel advice, it focuses on news, opinion and commentary on North Korean related issues through its news service, VNK news.


From its origin in 2015, Visit North Korea's primary tour partner for DPRK trips has been the British based company Lupine Travel. Since then, Visit North Korea has developed other partnerships such as the British-Hong Kong based travel company The Sifu Group with its DPRK visa service.

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