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The Yanggakdo hotel, photographed from the bottom up.

The Yanggakdo International Hotel is a four star hotel located in Pyongyang, North Korea. Located on the middle of the Yanggakdo Island on the Taedong river. The hotel is notable for being one of the primary places of stay for tourists visiting the country. Opening in 1995, it possesses a wide range of facilities, including 47 floors, a basement casino and a revolving restaurant on the top.


The hotel's lobby

The Yanggakdo hotel holds an impressive range of facilities. This includes numerous themed restaurants including a revolving one on the 47th floor, several bars, a coffee shop, a telephone and email station, a basement casino[1], a series of gift and goods related shops, a table tennis room, a bowling alley, snooker tables and a swimming pool.

Bowling alley

The revolving restaurant


Yanggakdo's rooms are of a good standard, usually fitted with two beds, a television which tunes to numerous international channels (such as Al-Jazeera, CCN, Russia Today and local stations)[2], a bathrooom with a working shower and toilet, and a fridge. They ensure any traveller a comfortable experience whilst in the DPRK.

The Hidden fifth floor[]

Much has been made of Yanggakdo's "hidden fith floor" which is absent from the elevator buttons[3], it is rumoured on this floor (which is out of bounds to tourists) surveillance and security activities take place [4]. Certain travellers have ventured to the floor via the staircase and have took photos [5], showing it to be akin to that of a security bunker, filled with propaganda slogans[6]

However, the hotel authorities have cracked down considerably on these activities with a greater knowledge of tourist awareness of the floor and have made it harder to reach. There has also been consequences for those who have reached it, as a certain American tourist discovered in 2016 when he ventured to the floor and sought to remove a banner on the wall[7]



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